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The Fundamental Basketball Academy (FBA) was started in 2002 by Darene Thomas founder and President of the Fundamental Basketball Academy (FBA). FBA is designed to teach athletes the proper fundamentals of basketball along with teaching them sportsmanship, team play, positive work ethics, and at the same time acquire new and lasting friendship.


FBA offers camps, clinics, and individual sessions teaching athletes the skills and techniques of shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defense. The athletes will be coached by former Professional player Darene Thomas, along with Coach Nicholas Thomas. FBA is about more than basketball, this academy builds confidence and character.

                                     About FBA



Here at FBA we help aspiring athletes to reach their full potential by offering a variety of services such as:  Clinics & Camps,

Private Instruction, Group Training, Basketball Tournaments, Motivational Speakers, Video Analysis and Recruiting Services.


Clinics and Camps

Fundamental Basketball Academy's camps are the best way to gain the competitive advantage you are looking for. The camps are designed to fit the needs of players ranging from middle school to collegiate athletes. FBA camps are intense, comprehensive but most of all, fun.


Private Instruction

Individually Tailored Programs for Beginners, Intermediates, and Pros are Available. Program/Price vary according to Athlete's needs.


Group Training

We offer small and large Group Training and AAU Team Training. We invest into establishing a true partnership between coach and client and follow a successful approach to personalizing programs to fit the unique needs of our clientele.


Basketball Tournaments

We offer High School & Middle School Tournaments. The focus of our tournaments is to create outstanding playing opportunities for the teams and players enrolled in our program.

Motivational Speakers

Coach Dee shares a perspective like no other on breaking new ground, assessing risk, managing the difficulties, establishing the keys to success, and living out the "Leave No Child Behind attitude." Her strategy in all respects, both personal and business, is to "beleive in your dreams" and take the hand you are dealt and make your dreams come true. You will hear a message that offers real tools and reinforces the concepts of great thinking that underlie success, and your group will arrive at the final conclusion: that you too can rise to the level required to reach your goals.


Video Analysis

Analysis can take various forms including video, fitness testing and performance profiling. Video analysis of athletes provides an opportunity to analyze the following aspects of performance:

* Work Ethics

* Without ball movement

* Ball Handling

* communication style

* Shooting style

* Decision making / playmaking ability

* Lazy players!


From a team or player performance perspective, all issues can be measured or gauged. For example, coaches and players can gauge levels of commitment and confidence while team cohesion, for example, may be gauged upon levels of discipline, motivation and punctuality.

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